About Us

Who We Are

Championing legal excellence

Oak & Wuuds Law is a fully equipped law firm. The firm is made up of three Partners and three Associates who are dynamic and progressive and are well vest in various areas of law practice. There is also a Court Clerk and an Administrative Assistant. Oak & Wuuds has an acknowledged reputation for handling work of quality and substance in a pragmatic manner and at competitive billing rates. The Firm has undertaken extensive work for both local and foreign clients and work with some law firms in other jurisdictions which require assistance of local counsel in Ghana. In the exercise and discharge of its mandate, the firm exercises prudence, due care and confidentiality to protect the interest of all clients.

The Firm places strong emphasis on professional ethics, legal research, continuing legal education and training for all its Partners, fee earners and support staff to enable them meet the challenges and complexities of modern day Law practice. The Firm’s Lawyers, who are dynamic, progressive and innovative have the sole aim of efficiently and professionally providing solutions to their clients’ problems.

How We Work

In accordance with modern business trends, Oak & Wuuds has fully automated and computerized all its operations. The Firm has spent lavishly on information technology to operate as a modern commercial law firm with reliable and efficient communication. The Firm places a high premium on communication and will either telephone or respond to any mail within 24 hours of its receipt. Oak & Wuuds uses the internet regularly to update our knowledge of recent trends and developments in the practice of the law.